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Owning a Racehorse

Owning a racehorse in Germany can be immense fun, however the opportunities are somewhat more limited than in Great Britain for example. Although many owners in Germany are prefixed with the name ‘Stall’ meaning ‘stable’, this can often be misleading as in most cases, the ‘stall’ will just be one person. Don’t despair however – trainers such as Christian von der Recke, Mario Hofer and Andreas Loewe all speak reasonable (at least) English, and can often be seen at the sales in the UK. If however, you don’t have the capital to own a horse outright, there are a couple of racing clubs and syndicates that may be of interest:

Galopp Club Deutschland: Formed in 1970, the Galopp Club Deutschland (GCD) is the most popular racing club in Germany and currently has over 200 members, of which I am one! Personally, I love being in the GCD, and although a knowledge of German is required to understand the newsletters and e-mails, there’s lots of fun to be had. The GCD currently have 2 horses in training with Christian von der Recke, and as well as the horses, there are members meetings and trips to racecourses both in Germany and overseas. The website is in German, but can be seen here:

Galopp Club Sueddeutschland: As the name suggests, this racing club concentrates on racing in south Germany. Formed in 2006 by former members of the Galopp Club Deutschland, the Galopp Club Sueddeutschland (GCSD) is somewhat smaller that the GCD, but has horses with Baden-Baden based Manfred Weber and Munich trainer Werner Glanz. Again, a German language only website, but you can see it here:

Sport of Kings: Set up by Dirk Eisele from the BBA Germany, Sport of Kings is a relatively new venture into the world of racehorse ownership. Currently having horses with Ralph Schaaf in Dortmund and Krefeld based Mario Hofer. Sport of Kings has a very interesting website, again, all in German, but this time, watch your volume controls – there’s quite a bit of audio on here!

Turf Syndikat / Manfred Hofer: The only one of these websites available in English, Manfred Hofer offers a host of various syndicates and owning opportunities. Although there appear to be no prices listed on the website, the various syndicates run by the Austrian ex-jockey are aimed at the top end of ownership, and since its beginnings in 1997, the Turf Syndikats has enjoyed success at Group level, including a win for Belenus in the 1999 German Derby. You can see Manfreds site here: